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Bin Two in Padstow – Suzi Delisle

A Padstow institution for more than 20 years, Bin Two began as a wine shop and has since expanded to include outdoor seating and a bar /cafe serving drinks and tapas. It remains the place to be if you’re interested in the best wine from Cornwall and beyond.

Operations manager Suzi Delisle spoke to us about what makes Bin Two such a unique part of the Padstow scene:

“There are a lot of places to go and have a drink in Padstow – seven or eight pubs I think. But they’re very similar and something different was needed. Bin Two is a little like a wine merchant with a twist. A place to really celebrate wine.”

What can people expect from the bar and cafe?

“At the bar we’ve got a quite small wine menu, with three whites, three reds, a rose, two champagnes and another sparkling wine. We’ve also got amazing, own blend coffee from a place in Wadebridge called Rising Grounds. On the food side, we do a charcuterie and a cheese board, or crab rolls when they’re available. We choose tapas that go best with the wine.”



 Tell us about Bin Two’s owner, Mike Boyne

“Mike was running a B&B up the hill and started working shifts at Bin Two, just for something else to do. He found that he loved the wine side of things so much that in 2012 he ended up selling the B&B and bought the place.”

Do you sell locally made wines?

“We do, but we’re struggling to get hold of them at the moment due to bad harvests and Covid – the reserve stocks have been depleted. But we’ve got our own wine; Mike has a vineyard at St Kew near Wadebridge. It’s in his garden and is the smallest vineyard in the UK!”

Tell us more about Mike’s wines

“He’s produced four so far, including a sparkling Pet Nat (natural sparkling wine) called Fizzy Bum Bum. It’s named after a yeast called bumbum. Mike loves a gimmick! He’s also made a wine called Supernova, then there’s Softcore, which is an apple wine, not to be confused with cider.”

What’s your best selling tipple?

 “We’ve got an amazing rose at the moment, Loup Bleu. It’s so fantastic we secured 100 cases to see us through the season. But it’s not going to see us through at this rate – it just flies off the shelves! Local wines, like Camel Valley and Trevibban Mill, are always really good sellers for us. It doesn’t matter what time of year, they just go.”

What is it that you love about Padstow?

“Padstow’s just a really chilled place to live and work, even though it does get hectic in the season. We’re all rushed off our feet but it’s a nice vibe. You can go for a walk anywhere from here and the scenery is always different. It’s just beautiful and a really lovely place to live.”

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