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Paws in Padstow interview

Interview with owner Mike Attwood at Paws in Padstow.

Since 2017, Mike Atwood has run Paws in Padstow at Trevisker Garden Centre with his wife Lynz. Described as a ‘boutique experience for dogs and their owners’, the shop was inspired by their lively beagle Rocky, and a passion for high quality pet food and stylish products aimed at modern dog lovers.

Mike talked to us about some of their most popular products and explained how they ended up in Padstow:

“I came on holiday to Cornwall from London in 2016 with Lynz and our beagle, Rocky. It was a guilt holiday, because the following week we were going to Portugal for our wedding anniversary without Rocky. It was the first time I’d ever been to Cornwall and when we came to Padstow I just loved it.

“Then in Portugal, we sat around the pool, without Rocky, and realised that there was a great business opportunity in Padstow. There were a lot of people like us in Padstow, on holiday with their dogs. We know the value of good quality brands and we know the things that we like, so within six months we sold the London house, moved down and started the business.”

What’s the ethos behind Paws in Padstow?

“We focus on high quality goods, but the thing we’re really interested in is food. We only sell high quality dog foods, like Orijen or Canagan. I always say to people, a salad is more expensive than a chocolate bar, even though a chocolate bar might have more calories in it. You are what you eat and you get what you pay for. And if you eat a substandard diet, you’re going to be spending more money with the vet.”

Where do you find your suppliers?

“We do like to have local suppliers and currently stock Paws for Cake who make Cornish pasties for dogs which is one of our best products  – everyone buys the pasties for dogs!  Dasha Dog Wear is also very popular, it’s a very small cottage business and we sell their Biothane collars and leads along with other fabric collars.”

Paws in Padstow is just for dogs. Why not other animals?

I think it’s important to offer some degree of expertise. A lot of people when they go into a small pet shop expect to be able to talk to people about their animals. I had cats when I was younger, but we don’t own a cat now and unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to give them the information they might want about cats. But never say never…”

What are your top places to take dogs in Cornwall?

“Harlyn Bay. When the tide’s out, that just exposes a lot more beach and you get to discover more. Also from Harlyn, you get a really nice coastal walk over to Mother Ivey’s Bay. I also really recommend the Boscastle to Tintagel walk. It’s not for the faint hearted, but it is a really good adventurous walk. You can always get a bus back if you want!”

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