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Padstow Farm Shop

Since its launch, Padstow Farm Shop have provided a successful outlet for their own farm’s free range meat and seasonal veg, plus an ever-expanding assortment of the best Cornish products available.

With a strong environmental ethos, Padstow Farm Shop are paving the way with their sustainable, high quality produce. They even power the shop entirely with green energy.

Padstow Farm Shop manager Sarah Hodgson talks to us about how the award-winning shop got to where it is today, and what’s lined up for the near future.

What inspired you to open Padstow Farm Shop?

My partners’ family have farmed this area for years and years. We’ve always farmed animals and grown crops, my partner used to produce veg for all the local restaurants, and we always said we needed a shop. In 2006, my father-in-law asked me if I’d open one for him, so we did!

How did you find running a farm shop at the beginning?

At the start, we had no clue what we were doing. We had an old lambing shed and that was it really, so we were all thrown in at the deep end and learnt on our feet. After a year we were so busy that we extended, and we’ve just grown from there.

What kinds of things do you sell?

95% of what we sell is Cornish produce, with a few other bits thrown in. You can get so many beautiful products from Cornwall. Charlie, my father-in-law, has a passion to provide meat that has lived a great life, been looked after, and travelled a very short distance in that it’s gone from the farm and back on the counter within two days. And we’ve always grown the veg.

Other Cornish produce we find that seems great, we’ll sell. We’re always on the lookout for new things from smaller producers and suppliers.

How has the business grown over the years?

Four years ago we decided to open a deli as an extension to the shop, using all our own produce. We make ready meal pots where everything is free range, not pre-packed, and the best quality. We don’t cut any corners. Now we have trouble keeping up with demand – which is great!

We have extended three or four times now, and have up to 20 employees in the summer. Everyone gets to see where the animals come from, where the veg is grown, and they’re all passionate about food. We’re very lucky.

Tell us more about the farm!

It’s a 1,100 acre farm, and Tregirls Farm is the main farmhouse overlooking the beach in Padstow. We farm out towards Stepper Point, which is an area of natural beauty. Our livestock, including our bullocks, graze on the salt grass up there.

We farm down to the Camel estuary, where all of the lambs and pigs are outdoors, and free range. Animal welfare and looking after our animals is the main point of what we do. My father-in-law’s dad farmed, so our children are fourth generation farmers!

How did you get involved with Kilden Mor?

Sarah at Kilden Mor neededwanted hampers that used local produce, so approached us. As we’re so close (within a mile of Kilden Mor) it just made sense.

Everyone’s hampers are tailored to them. Kilden Mor’s hamper had dairy products like butter and clotted cream, handmade scones, and artisan sourdough bread, all produced in Cornwall.

What’s next for Padstow Farm Shop?

We’ve always wanted to open a cafe. We’ve got a big barn and I’ve always imagined serving rustic wholesome food, that’s simple but healthy. That’s the next thing I’ve been nagging my father-in-law for, but it’s something we’d all love to do.

What do you love about Cornwall?

We live in the most beautiful area, and all of us are aware of how lucky we are to have all this beauty on our doorstep. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s so true.

Even during lockdown, we could still walk through the fields and just get away from everything, and you can only be grateful for that.

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