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The Bards of Cornwall

Cornwall is a place rich in tradition, legend and ceremony. The best known of these are the most attention grabbing - events like Padstow’s own Obby Oss, or Penzance’s Mazey Day. But there is another, altogether quieter, tradition that we…

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Hawker’s Hut

Morwenstowe is Cornwall’s most northerly parish. Here the cliffs are at their highest and the seas rolling in from their long journey across the Atlantic can be merciless. Named after the Welsh saint, St Morwenna, it is a place of…

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Bedruthan Steps

The five huge stacks of rock on Cornwall’s north coast known as the Bedruthan Steps make a dramatic destination whatever the season. The views along the coast here are breath-taking and the beach, which can only be reached by a…

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Cornwall's Tin Coast

Cornwall’s Tin Coast

Ian Marsh is the general manager of the West Cornwall National Trust. He spoke to us about the continuing importance of Cornwall’s Tin Coast, an area rich in history and wildlife, whose iconic buildings are so integral to the image…

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Guide To Padstow Gins

Guide to Padstow Gins

Britain’s long love affair with gin shows no signs of slowing down. Recent figures from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association have shown it rose to a new peak in 2021, with sales of over £2 billion! A significant part…

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Keigwin Arms Mousehole

Keigwin Arms in Mousehole

In the 19th century the village of Mousehole was described as “a little harbour with many fishing boats where every man and boy spends his life afloat.” These days though there is much less of this maritime industry it is…

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Dupath Well in Callington

Dupath Well near the town of Callington is said to be the largest and the most impressive well house in Cornwall. Hidden behind some old barns on an ancient farmstead this sacred place was once a site of pilgrimage. The…

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